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If you are looking for a long term career position in Maryland then you need to work with a quality employment agency that has connections all over the state and in a wide range of industries. Our recruiters are experienced in finding and placing individuals in the ideal position with companies who are looking for qualified and professional employees.

At University Recruiters in Maryland we are not just in the business of ‘job placement’ but rather our staff takes the time to get to know you so that we can match you to the career of your choice. Our business clients trust us as one of the top recruitment agencies in Maryland to send talented employees their way that will help the company move forward into the future.

The first step is to contact University Recruiters via our online system, call and speak to one of our representatives or stop by the office and you can start filling out the application. After this is completed then we walk you through an interview process so we can understand your objectives and goals which ensures that we will match you with the right positions. We believe that our way of doing business is what sets us apart from all the other placement agencies that you can choose from in Maryland.

University Recruiters in Maryland goes above and beyond by using all the resources and tools that are available including social media and employment connection sites such as LinkedIn. We offer complimentary professional pictures along with resume writing and making sure that your online presence is an asset instead of a hindrance.

This comprehensive approach means that prospective managers will be thoroughly impressed with what they find and want to transition your from short term contract to long term/full time. Our goal is to give you the career you have always wanted and our clients the dedicated employees that they are looking for.

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