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As a business owner you want to have a team that is motivated, smart and ready to work to make the organization a success but the first step is putting together the right group of individuals to make this happen.

As an individual just graduating from college or looking to make an employment change you need to have the right connections to find a company where you can excel based on your unique set of skills but the search can be challenging when you don’t know where to start.

Staffing agencies are designed to meet these employment needs in a professional and user friendly manner through the industry expertise and experience of their qualified team members.

University Recruiters is well-known as one of the top staffing services in the country because we take the time to get to know our clients and candidates on a personal level. We ask about goals and objectives so we can create an opportunity that becomes a career not just another job. Some staffing agencies only look to satisfy their quotas and numbers so they place people in positions that are ‘okay’ without considering all the factors. At University Recruiters this is not how business is done and every placement is carefully reviewed and vetted before presenting it to the clients.

Whether you are looking for short term contracts or a long term commitment this staffing agency can help make the job search an easier and more productive process because we walk you through every step. Our staff has experience and knowledge within a variety of industries so that we can take your job description and match it with the individual that has the skills you are looking for.

At University Recruiters we use social media and professional sites to create exposure for qualified candidates so that they can be noticed by corporations looking to fill positions instead of sticking with only the traditional methods. As a staffing service we are the first place you need to go to for all your employment needs and opportunities in order to achieve the dream team and job that you desire.

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